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Change is the ultimate reality: Faris Baloch

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Change is the ultimate reality

By: Faris Baloch

From desiring of becoming a pilot to Scientist, from Scientist to Magistrate, from Magistrate to Civil Servant, from Civil Servant to God knows what. I have witnessed my thought process evolve in every phase even the one I am living. From the constant evolution of thoughts one thing that I have learned is that man truly cannot step in the same water twice.  I have never thought of becoming what I had abandoned. This may not be a universal phenomenon but my rejection of the old ideas was solely accompanied by a set of reasonable premises that restricted me to accept what I had just rejected.
I was once satisfied with a free-market economy, with the evolution of my thoughts I started looking in the practical implications of this model and my thoughts took such a shift that I found myself negating this model to the fullest and chanting the neo-liberals are monsters. While looking the world of 21st century, I can’t affirm that the Man in the state of nature whether were hungry wolves or not, their lives may have been nasty, brutish, solitary and poor or not, but I can affirm this now that is becoming a monster rather a self-loathing monster. He has become hungry wolves in this capitalist society, What a fall! 
Likewise, my conceptions of morality which once I believed were so rigid that couldn’t be easily shaken. I was a firm believer in utilitarianism not knowing that in which I am believing was a prophetic theory of morality. After encountering Kant my views on morality were totally changed and I found myself in Kant’s deontological philosophy. Kant made me believe that the consequences of an action do not define the values of that particular action. I thought now that is it I am a follower of absolute morality. Guess what, I was wrong. Because when it comes to ideas, they change. When I started Nietzsche,  I found myself negating morality. Nietzsche made me believe that there is no such thing as Right and Wrong. When I thought that’s the final destination of my moral values I found myself in Chaos. This Chaos again changed my conception of morality. 
Change is the air of living societies and the beauty of the human race is in the diversity of opinions. One may agree or disagree with others’ opinions whatever he does at least he must not forget to respect it. Ideas keep on evolving that’s human nature.
 In my opinion IDEAS, just like energy cannot be created nor can be destroyed, they change from one form to another. Man can be killed but ideas are bulletproof, they live in eternity. Same is the case with change, Things keeps on change. As Herodotus spokes that Change is the ultimate reality.

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