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Baloch Students’ Politics: in Intellectual inferiority by Haji Haider

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Baloch Students’ Politics: in Intellectual inferiority.
Haji Haider
(Deputy General Secretary Of Baloch students Action Committee)

As Arundhati Roy wraps it well, “to those poor what peace means whose resources are being looted, and those whose daliy life needs aren’t water, house, and survival instead a survival of self-esteem, for them peace is the war”.

Similarly, in France in the period of 1960s a movement rose, in which the slogan of the mass was “Personal is politics”. Today we are living with the similar notion where all of the human sentiments have become political, indeed today’s Baloch’s tears, humor their hue and cry, each and everything of them have gotten the color of politics. Nonetheless, these days nothing is apolitical, so, therefore the statement that: we are apolitical is in itself political statement or is in itself synonymous with a political statement.

21st century is the era of learning and knowledge production, but what is the reason that today’s Baloch Students’ Politics seems to be in a deep intellectual inferiority or conflict? Could its reasons be Indigenous Colonialism, Collective Trauma, Neo Liberal policies, Post Colonial ideas, Monopoly or Dichotomy?

That is acceptable that we going through an organic crisis, but more than that we suffer an intellectual conflict. What is the reason that politics is happening over class, nation, gender, but we do not see any dialogue between them. Have the Baloch intellectuals considered this issue their problem till today, by eliminating this separation between the Baloch Students Politics, the resistance politics that exists within the society or the separation between them that we see in today’s era? Why not try to combine whole resistance politics?

Is there any solution for this problem in the political-frame work of any Baloch intellectual? Consequently, what is the reason that Baloch Student is residing like a diaspora in their own native land, on this matter untill today no intellectual bother to write a few words rather, why? Why today’s intellectuals through their sensitive writings have caused our students Stockholm Syndrome, because of that reason no student from any other Student Organization feels free to discuss their matter.

To this day, Baloch intellectuals have tried to impose bourgeois scorn, and do not add or explain anything new to abuses in student organizing programs. Even today, they are defending each other instead of intellectuals. One calls socialism a dead horse, the other a nationalist-filled tumult, here the criticism of both is imported from the West. One rejects socialism, and the other calls nationalism bad. Because of this, intellectuals can do anything by looking at personal interests in the category of national questions and socialism, to which Kant writes, “I, myself and you, you, you, are the death for love of revolution.”

After reading my this post, must have abuse me, but must remember Abid’s, whom said, “As long as you say yes, you are considered to be the most noble man, wherever or whenever there is some disagreement, You are called a hypocrite, a fool, you are demoralized by Socrates and Hippocrates of the day. The purpose is how you respond to our opinion or start thinking and speaking as we think ”

So the time has come to initiate the dialogue, not only they ought to be criticized, but criticized very harshly, and Baloch Student Organization which is about to face crises, the youth needs to rethink them and they must be aware that society needs to begin a movement where there should be a distinction between criticism and disagreement.

To sum, I just only want to say as John Elia said:
“The only tragedy is
that is until today
The matter has
Never been heard”

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