Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

The Outdated System of Education: Abdul Mateen Baloch

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As contemporary world is progressing day by day. Humans are also progressing. But our system of education likely freezed wherever it start.
Specially the course outline & method of teaching, including lack of use of resources the modern world gives us to utilize, to teach and deliver the proper learning method.
Even though world is exploring the Space and Universe with utilization of modern tools.
Our education system starts with suffocated cage type classroom and end with student exhausted for 60 or 90 consecutive minutes to suffer anxiety and depression. Teaching methods are reason for student’s lack of interest along with outdated. curriculum. Along these behaviour of teachers also contributes to students lack of interest.
Secondly the course outline or implemented syllabus is main aspect to urge and also a main reason behind decayed system of education, which is near as stone age and the Egyptian (Pharaoh) civilization. Because our mostly course books are old editions since 1880’s or lastly upgraded since 70 years ago likely 1940, 1950 and older than these.
Course outline is the same in our Institutes which was taught the decades before, whilst we change our mobile in every 2 or 3 months for upgraded features or update it for better and reliable usage.
So why not change the course.
Thirdly, as world grow with evolutionary inventions of technology and human life relies on digitized way of life. So why we rely on old taught techniques to teach. Again we blame our system of teaching as the teachers taught, because teachers never gives proper way to utilize existing resources available on virtual infinite online world of Internet to take advantage of the modern needs of rapid learning process.
In conclusion, we have to use world’s best tools; whatever the contemporary world provided us and it’s all upon us how to utilize these modern weapons to be conquerer in modern worlds warfare, through proper guidance. Somewhere the well known Intellect quoted “Technology is Just a Tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the Teacher is most important”. (Bill Gates)
As the quote symbolically emphasizing resource utilization just to use through the proper Guidance and Mentorship.

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