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The Probable Sources of the Social Individualization in Baloch Society: Amin Zamin Baloch

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As we know that the neoliberal possibilities are not only leading our behavior to individuality, but it is preparing our majority to move towards urbanization that makes the individualistic grounds possible.
I have discussed some core points of above mentioned discourse in my article “The Future of Baloch Society”. In this article, I also have intention to submit my opinions on our behavioral change. I think our individualistic-supported behavior is intrinsically shaping our consciousness to create a dichotomy between our notion of ‘favor’ and ‘against’. As I observe, this behavior comes from our valueless ground, which has been supporting by the auxiliary class that is becoming a croesus. The concerning class is getting the ground to be the croesus from two bases: the shifting of power from socially privileged figure to a so-called literate individual, secondly, the promotion of individual efficiency that to be assumed as a source of every developed society. Basically, in this article I am going to analyze the probable sources of mentioned bases.
The Sources of individualization
The Individualization gets promotion in our society, where so-called literate youth idealizes the auxiliary class, because he or she not only practically observes the shifting of power; but he or she wants to be adjusted in the hierarchy that has been designed by the salariate. Aside from discussing the source of individualization, here we have to keep it on focus that whenever the auxiliary class would be croesus apparently, but he would not be able to become socially self-sufficient on whatever ground where he practices his social, political and economic power. Conceivably, he has to remain under the umbrella of an authority which ever pays him for different tasks, because he came from an ideology-less ground. As a consequence, this class always remains salariate.
As I discussed in my article ‘the new social class emerged in Balochistan’ the political ground is not super, but it is associated with our social system, that is why every salariate, in his first attempt, goes to attack on social codes for the sake of freedom. Socially and politically, the promotion of individuality occurs in our society, because only the individuality remains sustained, often, when individual wants to get freedom from every social, and available political system. Thus, the nourishment of individuality would be possible because it comes from a notion, where he gets rid of freedom from all institutions that elevate the collection. Technically, the individual would remain available when he starts to withdraw from every institution, because his availability is essential for negating the limits and grounds of each and every institute. He negates them for the sake of remaining free. When every institute or collective order would be negated, then he only remains as an individual who negated everything. If he tries to resist the individuality, so it would mean that individual resists himself. However, on actual ground, the resistance against his ownself would never occur, because he has to be available for resisting himself, whereas, the existence of him not only dwells attractive for him, but it seems to him charming too. As I think, this notion of negation is an idealistic or imaginative form of life, which ever makes the man to live in a romantic worldview.
The Problems of Sources
This romantic worldview with its individualistic manners; therefore, substitutes the actual ground of our traditional society, which is egalitarian in its bases. So, the newly generated society with its individualistic approach has made a hierarchy, which makes every individual privileged, he emerges as a so-called reformist, to make legitimize all those actions, which transcends man from his actual particularities.
Unfortunately, only those men hang around until they won’t challenge the position to be salariated. Moreover, their position sets a hierarchical ground, where things would be entertained on ‘favor’ and ‘against’, but nothing can be treated as actual; because actuality can’t be hierarchical and romantic in traditional Baloch society.
The Consequence
The legitimization of individualistic manners by the reference to transcendental rationality detaches the man from his every particularity. So our salariate class, whether it has become croesus, or fat cat, uses its particularities on particular occasions, but never consider its particularities on actual ground. Although, every abstracted member of the auxiliary class thinks that ‘he does not need any particularity regarding politics. The dangerous thing is that, his political approach precedes his every other relations. Whenever, he comes to face any occasion where he finds his particularities will make his opportunities possible, he will cash the concerning particularity to make his political ground legitimized. It is really the deterrence of history that (unfortunately), the member will use the card of nationalism with its individualistic aims or grounds. As, the transcendental rationality teaches us that ‘only the free man can obey the laws with rational morality, and individual feels that all rational moralities are introspective and they could be searched in man’s inner world. It means his every rational morality makes him able to exercise his autonomy. Through the transcendental rationality he only remains a human. Although, whatever nationality has been representing by him, it only shows how the nation can transcendentally be humanistic with the proper ground of free will.
The tragedy is that, the salariate class just favors the humanity only for the sake of individualistic freedom, and he goes to oppose his actual particularities that never create obstacle on the way of humanity per se. Actually, no one, with his collective ground, surpasses his historical determinations and collective notion of experience. Sooner or later, growing consciousness of our literate youth will entertain Baloch nation on a-historic grounds, as I mentioned in my previous article “‘Baloch as a nation that supports individualism’. It will be narrated that Baloch tribes are surviving for their individual identity. Moreover, the existence of sub-tribe is making it clearer that the individualistic pattern is deeply rooted in Baloch society. If Baloch would get more urban facilities, then it will never afford collection.”

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