Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Education plays a vital role in national Construction: By Azhar Baloch (President DG-Khan Zone)

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Education plays a vital role in national construction because education transforms a human being into an intelligent and honest citizen for his nation. A proper and proper education can make an independent citizen a guide to becoming a developed nation.

We are living in an inquisitive and innovation society. The demands of the 21st Century are novelty, creativity and integration of global knowledge, critical research and analytical ideas. Rapid social changes are creating uncertainties and complexities in society. Young people need to develop the skills, analytical and critical thinking they need to deal with the current situation, which will make them more flexible and innovative to tackle uncertainties and crises nationally and globally.

Universities play an important role as leaders in education, research and technology. From a social and legal point of view, the role of the university is very important in all fields, and graduates from all fields need knowledge about sustainability as well. Universities can help meet the challenges of sustainable development in the community, raise awareness and make informed decisions, provide the new knowledge and skills needed to deliver responsible behavior and advance consumer choice.

The most important role they have been assigned is the preparation of highly skilled workforce and research output to meet the desired goals.

Another role that universities can play is in the construction of new civil society institutions, the development of new cultural values, and the training and socialization of people of the new social age.

Dera Ghazi Khan is located at the crossroads of the four provinces of Pakistan. It has a population of about one lakh people and most of them belong to Baloch people. Due to lack of education in the 21st century, the people of DG Khan are suffering from epilepsy like tribal diseases. People are not familiar with basic rights. The educational trend in society is low Most parents are unable to send their children to other cities for higher education, especially the doors of higher education are closed.

After decades of deprivation, DG Khan attained the only higher education institution in the form of Ghazi University for higher education facilities. But unfortunately after seven years, the state of the university is worse than a primary school. There are currently six to seven thousand undergraduates in the university but they do not have access to basic education facilities.

The university has become a hotbed of problems. If viewed in terms of infrastructure, the university has occupied every building in the college which is not less than a ruin itself. Students are not available to the classrooms.

Lack of educational facilities such as practical labs, technology facilities, IT labs, and staff. Not available for transport buses and hostels for accommodation. There are no extracurricular activities for students inside the university. Libraries are locked. There is no water available to drink. But the situation in the university is not good.

Our future is at catastrophic situation before our eyes. Student organizations have been banned.

But time is still in our hands Ghazi University is our legacy and our future. Its our asset.

Let’s shout!

So that an educational institution can be built whereby our future will not only come out with a degree in paperwork, but also to become a leader for the service of our nation by being consciously educated.

Let’s shout!

For an educational institution that attracts students for scientific research.

Let’s shout!

For an educational institution where our sisters and daughters can develop a nation by educating themselves in higher education.

Let’s shout!

For an educational institution that creates think tanks for us that can diagnose and treat diseases in our society and guide us in building a modern and conscious society.

The role of students is important to make all this possible. Students should move beyond their fears of administrative blackmailers, mental and sexual harassment and racquet, to advance their future and consciously strengthen their hands and educate their people. Struggling to get out of the dark to the bright path of education

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