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A dialogue between Dr. Rozhn (Psychologist) and Mr. Warna (depressed Patient): by Sameer Mazar

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A dialogue between Dr. Rozhn (Psychologist) and Mr. Warna (A depressed Patient)

Warna: Sir! I can’t feel myself anymore. I’m always suffering from unfamiliar guilt.

Dr. Ruzhn: Can you please tell me when did you come to know all of these?

Warna: Ah! Four months before.

Dr. Ruzhn: Have you tried to quit whatever you have been doing?

Warna: No! I’ve been involved in whatever I’ve loved.

Dr. Ruzhn: Do you know what love is?

Warna: Absolutely! everyone knows. I’ve always listened to my heart and I perceive whatever heart feels, that’s love.

Dr. Ruzhn: Well! listening to the heart is the love you think but I can prove that the heart has nothing to do with your feelings. Ignore that and tell me do you smoke?

Warna: No, I hate smoking.

Dr. Ruzhn: Hmm! have you ever tried alcohol?

Warna: Yep! I love to drink at gatherings.

Dr. Ruzhn: Alright! but what are your feelings while you are drunk?

Warna: I feel like I’m the happiest guy and let me tell you something more, I am more expressive while I’m drunk.

Dr. Ruzhn: Expressive to whom?

Warna: To those who accompany me while we drink.

Dr. Ruzhn: So, it means you love to be loved?

Warna: Yep. I think everybody loves to be loved.

Dr. Ruzhn: Not everybody.

Warna: I think everyone feels so.

Dr. Ruzhn: How you know the feelings of everyone?

Warna: Don’t know. I think that’s a natural observation.

Dr. Ruzhn: No, you are wrong here, everyone ain’t like you.

Warna: But I think I should be with those who love me.

Dr. Ruzhn: Until when?

Warna: Till I’m alive.

Dr. Ruzhn: These are all expectations you know.

Warna: Yep, I think we should keep expecting.

Dr. Ruzhn: But you only think. In reality, it doesn’t work so.

Warna: Hmm, I don’t know but I only know that I’m the only one who is always with me.

Dr. Ruzhn: Have you ever expected something from yourself!?

Warna: Aha! I hardly remember. I think I’ve never had such thoughts. What can you expect from yourself?

Dr. Ruzhn: That’s what I wanted to know from you and don’t ask me about it. Tell me what’s your issue what you feel like?

Warna: I already told you that I feel like I can’t feel myself anymore. I miss my old self.

Dr. Ruzhn: What do you mean by the old self?

Warna: I mean the old me.

Dr. Ruzhn: Okay! now listen to me. Time changes, so do the people. they start observing and analyzing more and the more they deny the reality the more they hurt themselves.

Warna: But this is not related to me. I can’t get your point.

Dr. Ruzhn: But my point got you and your old self as you quoted yourself.

Warna: But what’s your point?

Dr. Ruzhn: Mine is clear that you are in search of happiness for many reasons, but none of your reasons are reasonable.

Warna: Oh dear! don’t put me in such traps.

Dr. Ruzhn: I’m not putting you in anything, you are already in a cage.

Warna: What do you mean?

Dr. Ruzhn: I mean whatever I say.

Warna: And what do you say?

Dr. Ruzhn: I say don’t be silly! Quit whatever you have been doing and Quit wherever you have been searching for yourself. You are you within you don’t search it elsewhere. Stop expecting whatever you have been expecting.

Warna: Expecting happiness is wrong in your eyes?

Dr. Ruzhn: Who am I to decide wrong and right? but I would just tell you one thing. If you aren’t feeling as you felt before it’s something terrible but it’s something favorable too. 

Warna: How favorable? you mean suffering from depression is favorable? What kind of psychologist you are?

Dr. Ruzhn: I’m my kinda…

Warna: Don’t try to confuse me anymore. Do you think it’s a joke? you don’t know, I’ve had suicidal thoughts and I still have.

Dr. Ruzhn: Then why haven’t you tried it once?

Warna: I tried but when I opened my eyes, I was alive.

Dr. Ruzhn: Because you wanted to live if you haven’t then you would have been dead. 

Warna: How can you say that?

Dr. Ruzhn: I don’t say that I just think so.

Warna: Your perceptions do not matter.

Dr. Ruzhn: So, do my precautions.

Warna: Okay fine! I’m leaving. I can’t tolerate you anymore.

Dr. Ruzhn: Okay! You may leave.

Warna: ALRIGHT!!! Alright, I don’t want to see such a stupid psychologist again.

Dr. Ruzhn: But I love to see such Patients again and again.

Warna: OKAY!!, okay!! what do you mean here? am I the first one you are trying to treat?

Dr. Ruzhn: Oh no! I’ve never treated anybody they have treated themselves and I believe you have your own medicines.


5 thoughts on “A dialogue between Dr. Rozhn (Psychologist) and Mr. Warna (depressed Patient): by Sameer Mazar

  1. Sameer it’s very true happiness lies with in ourselves. The one and only one who helps us is only our own self. You are the only one to solve your issue. Depression is a thought of not knowing yourself. I loved reading your post.. I hope someone would benefit from it..

  2. Yes certainly this is general perception that your inner thoughts will change your behavior toward yourself. while suffering from such thoughts, and those who are the victims of depression, can overcome on depression and heal their mind which continuously promoting the negative thoughts is only possible when you change the negative emotions to positive. You clutch your mind and its grip with your own positive thougts .. really helpul for us sameer jan just keep sharing in order to motivate us

  3. The Patient Seems To Have Some Of opressed unconscious Motives And It Is obviously Hard To get a Satisfactory Approach to Them….
    Sameer Mzar Absulotly U Mentioned Well that Only one Self Can solve Its Problems Since Every Thing Runs From A Harmonal Platform: Every Cell of Body Contains Its Own memory And Intelligance as Sadguru mentioned So Whatever And What_how U Stumilate The Same Outcom U Recieve….

    Felt attractive After Ur Piece…..

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