Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

BSAC-KU held the last lecture on “Colonialism & Colonial Mentality”, delivered by Riaz Hussain

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Baloch Students Action Committee Karachi University (BSAC-KU) held its last lecture of this semester on “Colonialism and Colonial Mentality”, where the lecturer Riaz Hussain Baloch delivered his opinion on the topic.

At the beginning he thanked Baloch Students Action Committee Karachi University for inviting him and appreciated the Baloch students for their consciousness about politics.

He started his lecture by defining colonialism, colonial system and neo-colonialism and said that the only motive of this system is to take over the economy of the colonized nation and expand its boundaries.

He further said that the colonizer always wants to loot the resources of the colonized nation, so it can full its appetite and gave the example of the British, who still holds a great power because of the looted resources instead of being a small country.

He then criticised the people who appreciate the so-called development projects of the colonizer and said that the colonizer works on infrastructures only for looting purposes; so they can easily take the looted resources to their homes.

He also connected it with trickle-down economy, where the colonizer only gives a drop of water to that colonized from the river to keep them indulged in fighting to get the drop and give up the dream of the river. He further said that to achieve its motive, the colonizer keeps some agents among the colonized, so they can control the colonized and keep them away from their rights and make them busy in appreciating the drop of water and make them work like machines to achieve that drop.

Moreover, he said that the colonizer never leaves the colonized willingly and peacefully and if they do so, then they will only make the colonized believe that they have left, but they will still govern that nation through fake and pseudo democracy; they will do whole the plannings to keep the colonized in their control.

He further said that the colonizer is only defeated by a true revolution which comes when there is dispute within the colonizer; when the colonized reach the lowest level of depression and frustration and then an organized and well-balanced organization leads the people and makes them realise about their oppression.

He again said that freedom without revolution isn’t freedom, but a more balanced and planned technique to keep the colonized and the oppressed unaware of their oppression and make the things more easier for the colonizer and the oppressor.

He also talked about the problem of Balochistan and claimed that this issue can’t be solved until the colonizer isn’t defeated by a revolution.

He further included that this neo-colonialism is supported by fake and pseudo democracy which in the name of freedom bounds you through laws and constitutions.

He then claimed that in today’s world the multi-national companies are the colonizers not the states; because the states are in their hands.

He concluded his lecture by saying that in our situation, we are colonized by the servants of the colonizer and should resist and said that every society with its culture and economy is associated with the state and this element is used by the state to manipulate the oppressed in order to achieve their own goals.

The last weekly lecture of the semester ended with a question-answer session where the students asked questions and gave their opinion on the topic.

Baloch Students Action Committee Karachi University (BSAC-KU)

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